Chemical Element Properties

For each element, we list atomic number, atomic weight, density, melting point and boiling point. On our property pages you can easily visualize how the different elements compare, and observe the trends across the periodic table. Perfect for chemistry class!

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Interactive Chemical Elements Tools

To us, chemistry and chemical elements is about a lot more than raw data of chemical properties. Therefore, our website contains a set of interactive tools to make it more entertaining.

Did you notice the animated atom at the top of the page? Why not build your own using our Animated Atom Builder?

Another fun challenge is to try spell names and words using chemical element symbols, and we've got a tool for that too!

We've also got a trivia game to help you memorize the chemical elements.

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Chemical Element Designs

There are plenty of fun and interesting designs that can be constructed by combining illustrations of atoms together with words written using chemical element symbols. We have created plenty of designs and they're all available for purchase via our Redbubble store. If you like any of our designs, get yourself a mug or t-shirt!

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About is a reference website that lets you explore the world of chemistry and the chemical elements.

Our aim is to present the properties of chemical elements in a modern, interactive and entertaining way.

We use IUPAC as our primary source of element metrics, classification and naming, and Jefferson Labs for certain chemical element properties.